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Proof of Personhood (PoP): The Key to Fair and Secure Airdrops

Anima's Proof of Personhood (PoP) technology offers a privacy-preserving solution by allowing projects to create Fairdrops that engage real community members without complicated rules or extensive verifications.

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Anima Zealy Onboarding Quests

By becoming a part of the Anima community, you can start your journey toward acquiring an extensive comprehension of the Anima project

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Anima Updates Encryption System for Multichain Expansion

The new encryption system unlocks the potential for global adoption while reinforcing the true Anima identity as a digital soul

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Inside Proof of Personhood

Our Proof of Personhood (PoP) is up and running that is set to redefine the web3 landscape. It's a secure solution that establishes users' digital identity, verifying their humanity and uniqueness. So, how exactly does PoP work? Let’s get into the essential mechanisms of PoP creation.

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Getting Started with the dID Protocol

Get into the basics of what a dID is, how it differs from traditional identity systems and the potential applications of the Anima dID protocol in various industries.

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Community Catalysts: Lens Protocol

The "Community Catalysts" series features innovative projects that prioritize collaboration and resilience in the Web3 space. We're kicking it off with Lens Protocol.

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The Proof of Personhood Vision

Proof of Personhood enables the transformation of web3 systems from capital-centric protocols to user-centric protocols. This transformation closely aligns with the core user values crypto was built on.

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The Anima vision

Anima functions as a bridge between different aspects of digital identity, allowing users to effectively manage all facets of their identity to fulfill diverse requirements. This unlocks new use cases and contributes to the development of trust-based communities in the Web3 ecosystem.

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Proof of Personhood: A Path to User-Centric Governance

Proof of Personhood helps in the development of DAO governance models by empowering users with rightful intentions 

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Introducing our Privacy Preserving Proof

A new Proof is now available in your Anima vault. Proof of Personhood is the primary level of identification that can be decentralized within your Anima. It allows you to prove you are human and one person.

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Sybil Resistance: The Future of DAOs

Establishing a robust Sybil defense is imperative in DAOs to ensure a decentralized protocol that is collectively owned by the entire community. So what actions can DAOs take to strengthen themselves and meet new market demands?

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Anima Quests: Claim Your Victory

Take part in various tasks to discover the full potential of the Anima protocol and have the chance to win exciting rewards on our Anima Crew3 page.

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Exploring The Anima Protocol

Discover the different elements of Anima digital identity and navigate through its concepts and terminology with ease.

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Community Catalysts: Link3

The "Community Catalysts" series features innovative projects that prioritize collaboration and resilience in the Web3 space. Let's look into Link3

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Announcing Anima beta dApp

Updates, new features and interface catered to your decentralized identity needs

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Anima Project: FAQ

Anima is the new ID protocol. You will find on this article the most frequently asked questions about the project. This FAQ will be completed over time, depending on the questions asked by the community. 

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Create your Anima on the Sandbox

As announced in a Medium publication, The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 was launched last August 24. For this new season with even greater reward opportunities, The metaverse leader has ensured security and fairness among players by implementing KYC checks with Synpas. We are now adding Anima to the process to enable users to save their verified identity. 

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Anima: the rise of a new era

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Alpha of the Anima protocol. Introduced to the community a week earlier, the self-sovereign identity Anima is now available to the entire crypto sphere. 

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Use your Anima on SafeLaunch

Your digital twin and self-sovereign identity is now live on SafeLaunch, the decentralized funding platform. 

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Lord Token integrates Anima

We are thrilled to announce Anima is now live on the LordToken exchange and launchpad. 

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