Introducing our Privacy Preserving Proof

A new Proof is now available in your Anima vault. Proof of Personhood is the primary level of identification that can be decentralized within your Anima. It allows you to prove you are human and one person.

Written by

Josephine Foong

Introducing our Proof of Personhood (PoP), the privacy preserving and Sybil resistant identity attribute

Attention all Anima users!

We are excited to announce the official release of Proof of Personhood (PoP). This new identity attribute offers a comprehensive Sybil resistant solution while keeping your data private.

A privacy-preserving primary level of identification

As part of the dID protocol, Anima started off with decentralizing identity attributes based on official documents. The Alpha of our protocol was a first step toward self-sovereign identity.  We enable our users to have full control over their identity by allowing them to create and own a secure and reusable digital identity. From launch, Anima allows users to selectively share data points in order to maintain anonymity.

This time around, we want to challenge the concept of decentralized identity and anonymity even further. As part of our efforts to align with the privacy values of Web3, our goal was to develop a solution that addresses Sybil attacks and ensures you don't get doxxed. With this idea in mind, we have designed the Proof of Personhood (PoP).

PoP is the primary level of identification and a new proof that can be decentralized within your Anima vault. It allows you to prove you are human and unique. We consider PoP to be the bedrock of trust for the internet, enabling communities to promote a strong online economy and democracy.

With our PoP, you can build Sybil resistance by limiting the presence of bots in web3 communities while maintaining privacy. Consequently, it opens up new opportunities for innovators and builders.

By eliminating multi-accounting and fake identities, the PoP can be leveraged to:

·   Enable new democratic governance models for DAOs

·   Contribute to fair distribution of reward systems

·   Ensure a fair and trustworthy web3 ecosystem

How does it work?

The PoP creation process starts with a liveness session. A quick face scan is performed with the camera on your device to ensure that you are human. An unique proxy called a "facegraph" is created using biometric data from your face scan. Once the facegraph is generated, the biometric data is destroyed. The facegraph a mathematical vector representation of your face which cannot be used to recreate your face, keeping your identity anonymous.

Each PoP is unique and associated with one verified person. Our AI tech distinguishes each PoP and denies access to any duplicate users or bots instantly. It ensures only real and distinct people can join communities and projects.

Learn more about PoP in our video

Upon passing verification, your PoP is issued to your Anima vault, and can be shared through your digital wallet. As with all verified identity attributes issued to your Anima vault, you are the sole owner and controller of this data. 

Anima Beta dApp allows you to manage your PoP seamlessly. This is a major technical update as we added a new category for our community to decentralize identity attributes. You will now find the Proof of Personhood card in your Anima vault alongside your Proof of Identity card. The recently added attribute is completely private and enables endless usage within digital communities.

We hope that you are as excited about this brand-new identity attribute as we are! We believe that our PoP solution represents the future of decentralized identities and are confident that this highly scalable technology will become a valued tool for web communities around the world. 

Take the first step in proving that you exist without revealing your identity here.