Your dID protocol

Without a native identity system for individuals online, users don’t fully own their identity.
The Anima protocol has been designed to give web users a self-sovereign identity.  


Share your credentials without compromising privacy

Anima is privacy-preserving by design. It acts as an interface between identity issuers, owners, and verifiers.
So, crypto platforms can verify who you are when they need to, without accessing your private information.

Create your Anima


An easy 3 part step-by-step guide to create your Anima and start taking back control over your web identity.

1. Verify your identity

Start with the identity verification process to check who you are and validate your official documents.

2. Receive your anima

Receive your Anima and credentials for each document validated.
Credentials are validation stamps stored in the dID Protocol.

3. Share your anima

Identify yourself on crypto platforms using your Anima when needed by connecting to your wallet. They will then receive your credentials.

What makes Anima so unique


We are only at the beginning of the adventure, but there are already so many benefits to using your Anima.

  • Trusted

    Your Anima is issued on the Ethereum network and ticks all of the KYC boxes. 

  • Multi-wallet

    You don’t need to download a new app or wallet to get your Anima. It’s supported by all the major crypto wallets

  • Secure

    Your Anima uses cryptographic proof. Only you can decide to decipher the content of your Anima. 

  • Decentralized

    Decentralization is exactly what our philosophy is about. We want to build the future of Anima with our community.