Anima Reputation System

Airdrops serve to celebrate and reward early project supporters, fostering a deep bond between protocols and their communities. Yet, the system has been manipulated by a few, leveraging thousands of wallets to unfairly claim rewards, overshadowing genuine participants. We're excited to announce the launch of the Reputation NFT, crafted to restore fairness and enjoyment to airdrops.

Written by

Maud Tezenas du Montcel

Airdrops were initially intended as a gesture of appreciation towards early backers of emerging initiatives. It embodies a moment of celebration that nurtures a profound bond and solidarity between a protocol and its enthusiasts.

Yet certain individuals attempt to manipulate the system to secure rewards beyond their fair share. Our attention is primarily directed at the small fraction who egregiously abuse the system by managing thousands of wallets unjustly, rather than users with a handful of wallets. This compels projects to implement stringent measures to thwart these fraudsters, which, regrettably, might also inadvertently exclude genuine supporters and legitimate users.

There's a pressing need for a straightforward method to distinguish authentic users from imposters while maintaining privacy. A simple solution to ensure airdrops remain equitable and enjoyable for all.

The Reputation NFT serves precisely this purpose.

Anima PoP reputation system

At the heart of Anima's strategy to tackle the airdrop dilemma is a reputation mechanism rooted in Soulbound Tokens (SBT) that are non-transferable and reinforced by Proof of Personhood (PoP) verifications. These NFTs transform into symbols of genuine engagement and credibility in the blockchain ecosystem, rather than just digital assets.

Our SBTs, bolstered by PoP verifications, effectively distinguish between automated bots and human participants. They enable protocols to encourage their communities towards transparency and meaningful participation. 

Anima reputation NFT 

The first NFT of our reputation NFT was the Fairdrop NFT, mintable only once per person, verifying uniqueness. 

Our latest creation is called the Reputation NFT. It allows for multiple mintings across wallets by a single owner, designed to distinguish active human-operated wallets from those run by bots. While owning multiple wallets is acceptable, creating thousands is not. The Reputation NFT enables you to tag all your active wallets, requiring monthly updates to boost your reputation and confirm ongoing ownership.

An intrinsic aspect of the Reputation NFT is its evolutionary nature. Holders are encouraged to renew their NFTs on a monthly basis by re-engaging with the PoP challenge. This not only affirms their wallet's activity but also progressively enhances their reputation within the community. For this NFT, Anima protocol has once again partnered with, which hosts the NFT images and metadata, serving as a decentralized storage facility. Such a mechanism ensures that rewards are allocated to those genuinely invested in the protocol's success, thus fostering an environment of mutual trust and appreciation.

How to mint your NFT. 

To mint your Reputation NFT, begin by visiting and thoroughly reviewing the instructions provided. Initiate the minting process by participating in a Proof of Personhood (PoP) challenge, assuming you haven't completed one already. Following this, claim your NFT to solidify your digital proof of engagement within the community. Remember to return on a monthly basis to enhance your reputation, which involves updating your NFT through a new PoP challenge each month, ensuring your active and continued participation is recognized.

How to Mint Your Reputation NFT:

  • Go to Read the instructions carefully.

  • Start the Minting Process: Engage in a PoP challenge if you haven't already.

  • Claim Your NFT: Secure your digital proof of participation.

  • Return Monthly: Increase your reputation by updating your NFT.