Let's build a universal identity

We plan to create a DAO that will own the future of our decentralized identity protocol and decide the outcomes of the protocol.

All decisions made must support the idea of empowering people with their digital identity and making it easier to access Web3.

The Animaniacs

A virtuous circle

The Anima project aims to create a virtuous circle. Every stakeholder will be incentivized. The DAO will receive a portion of the revenue collected by the protocol from the verifier for identity sharing.


A community project

Many decisions will be put to a vote: select new features, new compatible wallets, new credential-issuers and new use cases. Anima is Sybil-attack resistant by design. This allows us to create a governance system, where we know for sure that one vote equals one Animaniac.

Become one of us

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Take back control over your digital ID and be one of the first to create your Anima.



Anima allows users to share identity data points through credentials for maximum privacy. 


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