Anima Project: FAQ

Anima is the new ID protocol. You will find on this article the most frequently asked questions about the project. This FAQ will be completed over time, depending on the questions asked by the community. 

Written by

Maud Tezenas du Montcel

A. About Anima and decentralized identity 

What is Anima?

Your Anima is your digital twin. A self-sovereign and decentralized identity based on KYC requirements to allow instant identification on Web3 when logging in on platforms, exchanges, launchpads and more.

Your Anima helps you decentralize elements related to your identity IRL and allows you to prove who you are.

Anima uses your wallet as an encryption and authentication system to give you complete control over your online identity and your personal data.

What is a decentralized identity protocol?

Decentralized identity protocols is a decentralized framework in which users are allowed to generate and control their digital identity online without relying on a centralized entity or a specific service provider.

In a decentralized identity system, a user stores autonomously his/her identity data which have been entrusted to him by Issuers. An Issuer is a certified actor who issues official documents such as passports, residence permits, diplomas or medical certificates. It could also be the membership card of a sports club or your identity on a Metaverse. 

By sharing their decentralized identity, users prove who they are or claim for a specific identity attribute to third parties. 

In a decentralized system, only the user can access his/her decentralized identity. He/she also has power to revoke access to identity.   

How does Anima work ? 

Please check the explanatory video on the protocol page to have a quick overview of how Anima works. To complete this video here is some additional information. 

Anima is built around 4 stakeholders:

Issuers are trusted parties that are well-known for their ability to certify or issue a document (KYC Provider for IDs, University for Diplomas, etc...).

Entity (Platform, Exchanges, Banks...) that need to have information about their user and check specific identity attributes. They are the one who will request a document inside your Anima or a few attributes of some documents.

Anima Owners
It’s you! The Anima owners are the ones who have decentralized their ID to take back control over their data. 

Anima Protocol
The Anima protocol is at the crossroads between all the stakeholders mentioned above.

- It ensures that the Issuers are issuing valid and consistent data and in the right format to allow verifiers to check identity easily and instantly

- It ensures that all the data on the decentralized storage are encrypted for the users

- It orchestrates Anima revocation if requested by a user.  

B. Information on Anima creation and sharing process 

What type of documents can be decentralized with Anima?

Currently, the following documents can be decentralized in your Anima as well as your liveness verification session:

  • Passport

  • Identity card

  • Driver license

  • Resident Permit

We are planning to add more document types so stay tuned for more information.

Can I have more than one identity document on my Anima ?

Yes if needed you can decentralized all your identity documents (ie. your passport and your Identity Card).

Where can I create my Anima?

You can create your Anima on the web app:

In the near future, you will be able to create your Anima directly on our partners platform.
Here is a list of platforms where you can both create and use your Anima:

  • Impossible Finance (Anima has been released on this platform)

  • Safelaunch (Anima has been released on this platform)

  • Lord Token (Anima has been released on this platform)

Anima has been used by over 140 projects to date. So far we have mainly targeted the private sale vertical, meaning we have allowed people who participated in these sales to use an existing Anima, or create one if it is their first KYC. Obviously, unlike the platforms listed above, these sales are open for a pre-defined period of time.

You can find some of the projects supported for sales in the partners page

Why do I have to wait before receiving my Anima ?

Your documents need to be verified and your identity validated before your Anima can be created. This validation takes a little time but it is still quite fast. Once your Anima is created, you won't have to wait to validate your identity.

When I share my Anima, why isn't my identity directly verified ?

There are only two cases where verification of your identity may take time when you share your Anima:

  • Duplicate: you used the wrong wallet

  • Wrong face match: we sure you have a good explanation for that. 👀

Where can I use and share my Anima?

In the long run, you will be allowed to use your Anima on all the partner platforms mentioned above as well as on all supported projects.
We are currently releasing Anima on our partners platform one by one and expanding our network of partners. 

You can find all the partner platforms listed on our partner page

C. Security and technical question about Anima

How is the privacy of my Anima handled?

All your identity attributes are encrypted with your wallet public key and can only be decrypted and shared by you thanks to your private key. Only the entities you choose to share your attributes with can access your data.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored encrypted on the Aleph decentralized storage

Anima is linked to my wallet, what happens if my wallet is hacked or if I lose my key? 

We are going to launch a “revoke my Anima” process. 

Your Anima is stored on decentralized storage. The storage was built with a “forgot” feature to enable users to delete their data when needed. 

If you are in a position where you should revoke your Anima, the Anima protocol will set up a trusted contact system. If your private key has been leaked, you will be able to ask these trusted contacts to revoke your Anima and your data.

Why do I need to do so many deciphering steps?

There are multiple decrypting steps to unlock and access your Anima and its content. These steps are designed to ensure the best possible security and guarantee only you can access your data. Also note that you first need to decrypt the type of documents stored in your Anima and then decipher the document content itself. But these steps only required a few clicks.

Why is it not possible to use Anima on Mobile ?

For now, the mobile app of Metamask does not implement one of the required functions allowing encryption/decryption with the user public key (EIP 1024). This function is needed to access or create your Anima. As soon as it is implemented, we will be able to access your Anima on your mobile. 

C. Anima Ecosystem 

Which Wallets does Anima support?

For now we are supporting Metamask and Ledger. 

Stay tuned for more informations:

Ledger technical limitations

Browser compatibility
You can use your Ledger to create share and manage your Anima on the following browser:

  • Chrome

  • Brave

  • Edge

  • Opera

This option is unfortunately not available on the following browsers :

  • Firefox

  • Safari

Development have to be implemented by the browser themselves.


  • Please note that you can not use your Ledger on 2 different tabs on Mac OS. For dID,

  • Ledger can only be used with the cable pluged and not with bluetooth

  • For the moment, you cannot use Ledger with Matamask. Metamask has to do some additional development to integrate the latest Ledger features.

Which Networks does Anima support?

We are supporting Ethereum, BNB chain and Aurora, Fantom, Moonbeam and Polygon. 

Stay tuned for more informations:

Do you plan to have new Issuers for the Anima protocol ? 

New Issuers will be elected based on their trust using the protocol DAO.

D. Tokenomics and DAO

Does Anima have a token?

We plan to release the ANMA token after this Alpha. Stay tuned for the date announcement!


People who have decentralized their identity and used it on crypto platforms will benefit from airdrop. And of course, the more you use your Anima, the more you get rewards. 

You can also find a custom referral link on You will be rewarded if your link helped create new Animas 


We are planning to create a DAO. You can find more information about the DAO on this page