Anima Quests: Claim Your Victory

Take part in various tasks to discover the full potential of the Anima protocol and have the chance to win exciting rewards on our Anima Crew3 page.

Written by

Josephine Foong

Dear Anima users,

Get ready for an exciting adventure! We're thrilled to unveil our upcoming Anima Quests, now that our Anima beta dApp has officially launched. By contributing to our project, our community is helping to empower users to take control of their own data in a decentralized world.

Anima quests

Join the Anima Crew 3 community and embark on a quest to discover the full potential of our new dApp and Anima protocol. As a member of the community, you'll have the opportunity to take part in a variety of exciting challenges and tasks, available at all times. From easy ones like joining our Discord channel, to more challenging ones like aiming for the highest referral score. 

You'll find quests in four different categories:

  • Onboarding quests: dive into the world of Anima 

  • Community quests: help us understand more about you  

  • Social Media quests: make some noise and share Anima with the world 

  • Creative content quests: let your imagination run wild and create something unique

Leaderboard Sprint and Prizes 

Race to the top with our Leaderboard Sprint. Everyone starts on equal grounds and has the chance to climb to the top. This sprint will last four weeks from the 18th Jan to 31st March 2023.

With a variety of quests ranging in difficulty, you can earn Crew3 XP and work your way up the leaderboard. On the menu, NFTs and ANMA tokens are to be won! There are four levels of rewards: this means that the more interest you show, the more valuable the prize will be.

In order to qualify for Anima rewards, sprinters must meet the criteria of the following classes:

  • Hononary status: Eligibility is granted by creating an Anima, which earns both points and the Anima Owner role on Discord.

  • Silver prize: 1450 XPs and a score of 1 on the referral quest must be earned (You can access your Anima dApp to monitor your referrals) 

  • Gold prize: 1700 XPs and a score of 5 on the referral quest must be earned.

  • Grand prize: Most of the Anima crew3 quests and scoring 10 on the referral quest must be earned and this will grant you the explorer Anima status on Discord.

Prizes will be announced on social media and Discord, so stay tuned for more information and get ready to compete for the top spot.

Note: Some of the quests require our team to review each submission, so please be patient as we go through them. In case of any disputes, our team will make the final decision. We are committed to fostering a safe and positive community environment, and we hope that you'll join in with the same spirit. Let's work together to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone!