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Anima Quests: Claim Your Victory

Take part in various tasks to discover the full potential of the Anima protocol and have the chance to win exciting rewards.

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Announcing Anima beta dApp

Updates, new features and interface catered to your decentralized identity needs

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Anima Project: FAQ

Anima is the new ID protocol. You will find on this article the most frequently asked questions about the project. This FAQ will be completed over time, depending on the questions asked by the community. 

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Create your Anima on the Sandbox

As announced in a Medium publication, The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 was launched last August 24. For this new season with even greater reward opportunities, The metaverse leader has ensured security and fairness among players by implementing KYC checks with Synpas. We are now adding Anima to the process to enable users to save their verified identity. 

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Anima: the rise of a new era

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Alpha of the Anima protocol. Introduced to the community a week earlier, the self-sovereign identity Anima is now available to the entire crypto sphere. 

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Use your Anima on SafeLaunch

Your digital twin and self-sovereign identity is now live on SafeLaunch, the decentralized funding platform. 

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Lord Token integrates Anima

We are thrilled to announce Anima is now live on the LordToken exchange and launchpad. 

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Impossible Finance: a new platform unlocked for Anima owners

Impossible Finance and Anima are thrilled to announce their partnership. From now on, the self-sovereign identity Anima will be available on the Impossible Finance platform.

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Anima Protocol: Release on Moonbeam

Anima dID protocol is now live on Moonbeam network. Users of Dapps building on Moonbeam will have the opportunity to create their own Anima that can be leveraged on Synaps' solutions as reusable KYC.

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Anima adds Ledger to its list of compatible wallets

Anima, the decentralized identity protocol, is now supported by Ledger, the secured hardware wallet. 

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