Create your Anima on the Sandbox

As announced in a Medium publication, The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 was launched last August 24. For this new season with even greater reward opportunities, The metaverse leader has ensured security and fairness among players by implementing KYC checks with Synpas. We are now adding Anima to the process to enable users to save their verified identity. 

Written by

Maud Tezenas du Montcel

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3: create your decentralized identity

Synaps is delighted to support The Sandbox in account verification for the Alpha new season. Since Synaps is the KYC provider for The Sandbox, this account verification is an opportunity for every user to create their self-sovereign identity and reuse it instantly in the future.

Account verification for a safer and fairer Metaverse experience

Since August 24, users of The Sandbox have jumped into the adventure of Alpha Season 3. Open to all TSB account holders, participants have access to over 90 experiences and quests to collect Ethos. They can get involved in the Raffle and compete for the Leaderboard to get a chance to be rewarded. 

This new season brings many novelties which, you may have noticed, are not limited to new collections. For this season 3, The Sandbox has at heart to reward honest users and has therefore set up a verification system with Synaps. 

A limitation to only one account per player

As announced by The Sandbox, being an honest user starts with a simple rule: one account per player.
To align with this idea, Synaps is supporting The Sandbox Alpha season 3 with its KYC solutions to ensure fairness among players and guarantee a trustworthy metaverse experience for everyone. 

By using Synaps as a KYC provider, The Sandbox aims to better prevent Sybil attacks such as multi-accounting and limit cheating mechanisms as well as stopping bad entities from competing and hindering the fun of this new season.

Users don’t need to verify their account to take part in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3. But they need to go through Synaps’ KYC to join The Sandbox raffles or to be eligible for an Alpha Pass.

You can now create your decentralized identity with Anima on The Sandbox

Passing a KYC on a gaming platform is a new experience for most players. This new mechanism aims to create a safer environment and reward honest players.

The Sandbox is partnering with Synaps for identity verification to provide its players with the best possible experience. The Sandbox has also added the Anima widget to Synaps KYC to allow its users to create their decentralized identity. They will all be able to easily reuse their decentralized identity in the future in the rest of the ecosystem and instantly identify themselves with the dID protocol Anima

Anima is a decentralized identity protocol built by the Synaps team. The ambition of the dID protocol is to give users back control over their digital identity and to ensure users can instantly and securely share their identities when required. 

You can visualize your Anima as a personal safe box that is created upon your first identity verification. Once your Anima is created, you will be able to add any identity attribute securely inside and reuse it at will. 

You don’t have an Anima yet? Go create it on The Sandbox at the end of your account verification.