Anima: the rise of a new era

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Alpha of the Anima protocol. Introduced to the community a week earlier, the self-sovereign identity Anima is now available to the entire crypto sphere. 

Written by

Maud Tezenas du Montcel

Anima: the Alpha launch of the dID protocol

What is Anima 

As mentioned in our previous communications, Anima is a decentralized identity protocol built by the Synaps team. The ambition of the dID protocol is to give users back control over their digital identity and to ensure users can instantly and securely share their identities on web3 and web2 platforms when required. 

For its first use case, Anima can be leveraged as a reusable KYC to ease the onboarding process and give access to investment platforms in the crypto ecosystem. And for both security and convenience reasons, this decentralized identity is linked to the user's crypto wallets and encrypted with its public key. 

So far, Anima is supported by Metamask and more wallets will be added to the list in the near future. A partnership with Ledger will be finalized very soon, to allow ANIMA users to create and connect their Anima on Ledger hardware..

Anima protocol also aims to reconcile compliance and personal data privacy thanks to its credential sharing system. Our goal is also to build a trustworthy ecosystem where people can share a few attributes of their identity, without disclosing their entire identity. 

How to create your Anima 

As of today, you can create your Anima online on our web app 

To start, make sure you already own a metamask wallet. If not, you can download Metamask plugin here

Then, you will have to go through a last identity check including liveness and documents validation. After that, your submission will be reviewed. Once validated, you will receive your Anima and will be able to use it on our partner platforms. 

Here is a first list of compatible platforms that will be released step by step.

- Polkastarter 

- Paid Network 

- Impossible Finance  

- Solanium  

- Solstarter 

- Starterra 

- Just Mining  

- Deskoin 

- PlanetWatch 

- BHero

- SafeLaunch 

- Launchblock 

- Lord Token 

- Rocket Launchpad 

The future of the protocol 

This Alpha is a key milestone for the dID protocol. Our first mission will be to gather feedback from our users to continue improving their experience.  

Thereafter, our priority will be to enrich our network of partners to allow our community to use Anima more globally. And very soon, we will be integrating new wallets for even greater convenience.  

So far, Anima enables its users to decentralize identity documents such as passports, identity cards, driving licenses and resident permits. Another key milestone on our roadmap will be to give our users the opportunity to decentralize new categories of documents. 

Finally, one of the most important steps in structuring this protocol will be the launch of a DAO and the ANMA token. But for now, we hope you enjoy getting your new digital identity and we can' t wait to hear your feedback.