Anima Updates Encryption System for Multichain Expansion

The new encryption system unlocks the potential for global adoption while reinforcing the true Anima identity as a digital soul

Written by

Josephine Foong

Anima is taking a major step towards expanding its reach across multiple blockchains,  positioning itself as a truly multichain protocol. The protocol is changing its encryption system to enable onboarding of almost every wallet. This technical advancement marks a milestone for Anima, as it strengthens its presence as a global dID protocol.

A dID Protocol That Follows You Everywhere

As Anima is approaching its first anniversary, we are working to increase our coverage and establish more partnerships with other projects in the blockchain space. The latest upgrade unlocks the potential for widespread adoption while reinforcing Anima’s true identity as a "digital soul".

The new encryption method allows for public/private keys to be generated directly from the wallet signature, simplifying the data encryption process. By leveraging the wallet signature, Anima can now be integrated into any wallet. The Anima team is currently working on integrating new wallets into the dApp, which will enable you to fully leverage your Anima dID. You can now access your Anima with MetaMask, Ledger, Coinbase, Coin98, MultiversX. This is a significant achievement that empowers you to create a digital identity that can be used anywhere, anytime and follows you wherever you go.

With this implementation, Anima can be the protocol that bridges different blockchains, allowing you to have a self-sovereign digital identity that moves with you from one network to another.