Community Catalysts: Link3

The "Community Catalysts" series features innovative projects that prioritize collaboration and resilience in the Web3 space. Let's look into Link3

Written by

Josephine Foong

In our previous Community Catalyst spotlight, we took a fascinating dive into the world of decentralized social networks, exploring the intricate on-chain social graphs through the innovative Lens Protocol. Now, get ready to plunge even deeper into this exciting and rapidly evolving space with our upcoming segment, featuring Link3.

The Link3 A Web3 social network of verifiable identities built on the CyberConnect protocol where all your social media profiles could seamlessly connect and communicate with each other, regardless of which blockchain they reside on. Wilson Wei, CEO of Link3, has dubbed the platform as  "LinkedIn for Web3”. 

Spotlight on Link3

The Link3 social media platform allows individuals and organizations to display all assets on the blockchain, such as NFTs and Web3 domains, and have complete control over what information is displayed to others. Plus, with a range of powerful tools, users can seamlessly integrate all social media accounts onto one user-friendly page, making it easier than ever for followers to stay up-to-date with the latest updates.

The comprehensive profile that Link3 provides a multitude of aspects including the user’s connection across multiple platforms, their credentials, their DAO membership, as well as their project involvement and roles.

Link3 will offer users a range of advantages, such as:

  • Effortless Networking: Show the value you can bring when other users connect with you by sharing a curated business card profile.

  • Verified Connections: Invite connections with verified backgrounds, traits, and capabilities to communicate with you through gated direct messages.

  • Simplified Applications: Apply for opportunities using your profile, which eliminates the need for redundant verification steps and simplifies the application process.

  • Community Engagement: Delegate votes within trustworthy, meaningful communities of connections to increase your involvement and impact within those networks.

Data empowerment

Link3 is the first product powered by CyberConnect, a decentralized social graph protocol designed to give users complete ownership and control of their connection data. In much the same way that the Anima protocol was designed to empower individuals with ownership of their identities, the platform makes it possible for users to move their information to a new platform seamlessly.

CyberConnect’s social graph is built on Ceramic and IPFS, which enables dApps to create personalized social experiences and bootstrap network effects. With this setup, users can own their social graph, content, monetization channels, and social data. 

As a social networking platform, Link3 uses the power of blockchain technology to create a secure and decentralized network of verified identities. The platform aggregates on-chain and off-chain data to provide context-rich and verifiable profiles that enable trustworthy networking and foster meaningful connections among users and organizations in the Web3 community. 

Trust-based communities

The Web3 world is in need of a new approach to community building - one that prioritizes trust and long-term connections over short-term speculation. Unlike traditional social networks, Link3's focus is on building trust through verified identities, both on and off the blockchain. This foundation of trust enables Link3 to provide verifiable contextual information that promotes social recognition and strengthens relationships.

Anima, a visionary in this space, shares this critical vision and understands the importance of a global self-sovereign model that balances privacy and transparency to build trust-based communities. Link3 empowers users and organizations to showcase their digital assets and credentials, promoting trust and credibility within the online community.


Link3 and the Anima dID protocol complement each other in their approach to interoperability. Aside from enabling users to integrate any social media accounts into a unified profile, it provides a foundation for secure and seamless interactions. While the Anima dID protocol is designed to integrate with other decentralized identity protocols, allowing users to use their Anima dID credentials across various platforms and services that support dID.

As a protocol that makes social media profiles interoperable across Web3, Link3 allows users to sculpt and own their verifiable identities through community participation, ensuring trust and credibility in the online space.

Community engagement

Link3 events are the perfect way to join top events in the Web3 community effortlessly. 

By connecting through addresses, Link3 facilitates token-gated events including raffles and airdrops, creating exciting new ways for Web3-native communities to interact and collaborate.

With Link3 events, projects and teams can streamline their event organization, analysis, and reward issuance, enhancing community engagement in Web3. On the platform, users can easily sign up and find their favorite events in the Explore Events feed, with popular projects like Binance, Galxe, Snapshot, and Zerion already hosting exciting events on Link3.