Anima project

The path to self-sovereignity

Anima is your digital spirit, your verified digital doppelgänger that gives you access to the crypto realm. Take back control of your identity and invest in the crypto world.

The rise of Anima

The self-sovereign identity

We believe that your identity shouldn’t be owned or possessed by someone else. We envision a world of self-sovereign identity where individuals are truly in charge of their own identity. Only they should decide what part of their ID they want to disclose.

We named the dID protocol after the Latin word Anima: the spirit, the life force. And just as the soul cannot be removed from a body, an identity should not be detached from its bearer. 

Decentralized identity

The project’s foundations

Anima was created to provide our users with a trusted digital identity. A certified and recognized identity that is a bridge between the real and virtual world. Our community can then navigate the digital world more easily while keeping their data confidential.


Unlike centralized or federated identity systems, individuals are the sole owners of their identity.


Individuals can decide when they want to share their identity online, who with, and how.


The credential-sharing system respects data privacy, while building up trust in the ecosystem.

People behind the scenes

Meet the team

Anima was first launched by Synaps. We believe that web citizenship should be a fundamental right, ensuring that anyone can own a digital identity and be a part of Web3. 


Florian Le Goff


Riwan Lasmi

Lead BackEnd [F]

Florian Bertier


Kyllian Hamadou