Impossible Finance: a new platform unlocked for Anima owners

Impossible Finance and Anima are thrilled to announce their partnership. From now on, the self-sovereign identity Anima will be available on the Impossible Finance platform.

Written by

Maud Tezenas du Montcel

What opportunities arise from this partnership?

On April 12, the Anima protocol introduced its Alpha to the Web3 community the decentralized identity protocol allows its users to create their digital twin, a self-sovereign identity that matches all the KYC requirements. As a first use case, Anima can be leveraged as a reusable KYC to allow Anima owners to speed-up their onboarding process on crypto platforms and save a fair amount of time. 

Available for a from start on the BSC network, Anima has just been released on Impossible Finance. This partnership unlocks a new platform where Anima can be used for instant identification. 

Thanks to this collaboration, any Anima owner who wishes to join the Impossible Finance community can do so with just a few clicks. The user can simply summon his/her Anima with his/her MetaMask wallet to avoid going through all the identity validation steps since he or she has taken those compliance steps in the past. They now have A much faster way to get access to Impossible Finance extensive services. 

Anima reduces onboarding time on Impossible Finance for an improved user experience while ensuring full compliance with regulations. For every newcomer joining the platform, the dID protocol provides the needed credentials to prove the user’s identity has been verified and certified.

Save time and get rewarded with $ANMA

Creating and sharing your Anima on the Impossible Finance guarantees that the community will benefit from fast onboarding and save time. Indeed, Impossible Finance users will simply have to connect their wallet to share their Anima during the usual KYC. This will enable them to share their verified ID and shorten the whole identification process.  Credentials and identity documents will be shared with Impossible Finance and their access to the platform will be granted. 

You do not have your Anima yet? Good news, you can create it directly on the Impossible Finance platform, following the process explained in this video.

Saving time is not the only benefit of using your decentralized identity,  every user who creates or shares her/his Anima on the Impossible Finance platform will be eligible for the Anima Airdrop and will receive $ANMA when the token is released in late 2022.

About Anima protocol

Anima is a decentralized identity protocol designed to allow users to self manage their digital identity in a decentralized way. Anima was built to let people benefit from instant identification on Web3 platforms while maintaining full control over their personal data.

Anima is a self-sovereign identity created upon KYC requirements. Anima owners can safely share the identity attributes they wish to disclose when required to access decentralized platforms, communities, and Web3 services of all kinds.

About Impossible Finance

Impossible Finance is a multi-chain incubator, launchpad, and swap platform led by Ex-Binance & DeFi veterans. It offers a robust product-first ecosystem that supports top-tier blockchain projects to targeted user audiences. With extensive support from key leaders in the crypto industry, Impossible Finance simplifies DeFi for users to enjoy fairer investing, cheaper trading and better yields.


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