Anima Protocol: Release on Moonbeam

Anima dID protocol is now live on Moonbeam network. Users of Dapps building on Moonbeam will have the opportunity to create their own Anima that can be leveraged on Synaps' solutions as reusable KYC.

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Maud Tezenas du Montcel

 [2022, May 25] After supporting Moonbeam with its tailored identity solutions, Synaps, the KYC and KYB provider for web 3.0 users, just released Anima on the Moonbeam Network.  

Anima, a new reusable and decentralized identity for the Moonbeam network. 

Anima is a self-sovereign identity designed to allow users to manage their digital identity in a decentralized way. This dID protocol was built on Synaps KYC solutions and provides web3 users with a decentralized identity matching KYC requirements. Now available on Moonbeam, Anima acts as the user's digital twin, gathering and saving all the identity attributes of its owner for a secure and instant identification on web3 when necessary.  

Anima is based on a credential issuance and sharing system. Credentials are digital certificates coding for every verified identity attribute of a person. This dID protocol was built to give users back control over their identity through a trustworthy and user-friendly tool. Linked to the user wallet, Anima ensures its owner can truly control what he / she wishes to disclose online. Anima is a new resource available to the Moonbeam developer community, allowing them to reconcile data privacy and compliance. 

Anima: an additional asset to unlock new opportunities for the Moonbeam network. 

With Anima, projects building on Moonbeam can choose to add an intuitive self-sovereign identity solution into their dApp. When most of today’s decentralized identity protocol asks users to download a new app or wallet, Anima simply relies on existing wallets as an authentication and encryption system. But convenience is not the only asset of the young protocol.

A dID protocol for convenience and compliance 

Anima has been designed to support numerous use cases. Since this dID is based on KYC requirements, it can be used for compliance needs and can be leveraged as a reusable KYC mechanism. This first use case can be quite useful for protocols building on Moonbeam that wish to comply with regulatory frameworks while improving their conversion rate thanks to instant identification resulting in an improved user experience for those teams that will require KYC. 

Arguably one of the most important use cases of Anima will be to enable the resistance against sybil attacks for DAOs and other projects on Moonbeam that are looking to control bot manipulation or multiple accounts creation when carrying out governance referendum and community initiatives.

“Launching Anima on Moonbeam felt like an obvious choice for the team. Moonbeam stands out for its desire to make Web3 more accessible and connected. Like Anima, Moonbeam's approach is to make it easy for developers to get started by using tools they already know. It is a key player for the future growth of the crypto industry and we wanted to guarantee access to our dID for the community.”- Florian Le Goff, CEO at Synaps 

Anima: a wide range of applications 

Apart from the compliance use cases, dID protocols open up numerous opportunities and very broad fields of application: 

Claims: Web3 has been developed around a desire to maintain a form of anonymity or a strong privacy for its users. Therefore, not every protocol requires detailed information on users' identity. Sometimes, knowing a user is of age and does not come from a specific country without disclosing a name or a nationality can be enough. These claims or limited information can be securely and easily shared by projects building on the Moonbeam network if they wish to do so, thanks to Anima protocol.

Referral on Chain: discovering a new network and its ecosystem can be challenging. To encourage newcomers adoption, users could be incentivized for using the official wallet or DEX. dID like Anima coupled with Synaps identity solution are sybil attack resistant by design and could help reward real and unique users instead of bots.        

Fair token distribution: Based on the same idea, Anima can also help initiate fair distributions during Airdrops by authenticating unique and real users. 

Democratic DAO: dID like Anima can help implement a democratic governance system for DAOs where one wallet equals one person and therefore one vote. 

NFT: dID can also benefit NFTs. This system allows buyers to verify NFT creators, but more importantly, fosters artist engagement.

Anima: take part in the project     

dID use cases and benefits are endless and are waiting to be implemented within the Moonbeam ecosystem. 

To join the adventure, you can create your Anima and have a chat with us on our TG.


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