Lord Token integrates Anima

We are thrilled to announce Anima is now live on the LordToken exchange and launchpad. 

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Maud Tezenas du Montcel

We are thrilled to announce Anima is now live on the LordToken exchange and launchpad. 

Benefit from instant identification on LordToken platform

LordToken, the premium crypto-assets exchange, is now allowing its users to share their self-sovereign identity with Anima protocol on their platform to further optimize and simplify their user experience.

LordToken is a user centric platform, aiming to democratize crypto investment around Europe. The exchange’s strategy is to leverage the must-haves of the crypto market while implementing a user-friendly interface with premium customer care available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LordToken's ambition is to become the European one-stop shop both for crypto newbies and pros. The platform aims to build a fully compliant and secure exchange, filled with tools and innovative business models for traders as well as young and promising European projects accessible through their launchpad.

LordToken first started working with Synaps on KYC and compliance matters at several steps of their development;  implementing Anima on LordToken was perfectly aligned with the objective  to offer a seamless experience to its community while providing a secure and trustworthy environment.

How to use Anima on LordToken

The Alpha of the protocol was launched on April 12 with reusable KYC as first use case, making Anima your digital twin.

To create your Anima and get your self-sovereign identity, you can either go on our partners’ platforms such as LordToken or on our web app.  

Since Anima decentralized identity is based on Synaps KYC requirements, you will first have to go through a traditional  KYC check. At the end of the process, you will be given the opportunity to save your verified identity in a decentralized manner, this step will be the creation of your Anima

Once your identity is verified, it will be linked to your crypto wallet with the help of your public key 

Your Anima uses your crypto wallet for  both its authentication and encryption system. Animas’s content - your identity documents and attributes - will then be stored on decentralized network and are encryted.

To learn more about Anima creation and sharing features, you can access this documentations: 

Use your Anima on LordToken and get rewarded. 

Saving time and regaining control over your digital identity are not the only benefits of using Anima . During Anima Alpha launch, you can create and share your Anima on LordToken platform  and get rewarded with $ANMA during our future airdrop. 

With the implementation of Anima, LordToken aims to continuously improve the user experience and facilitate access to investment. 

If you’ve enjoyed this new identification experience, you can share your referral links with your friends and communities. They will have the opportunity to create their Anima and use it on multiple platforms while regaining control over their personal data. Your referral link is available on the mission page of our web app after creating your Anima. 


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