Use your Anima on SafeLaunch

Your digital twin and self-sovereign identity is now live on SafeLaunch, the decentralized funding platform. 

Written by

Maud Tezenas du Montcel

Benefit from instant identification on SafeLaunch with your Anima

Anima, the decentralized identity launched in April 2022 can now be used on the SafeLaunch platform. 

SafeLaunch is an easy-to-invest decentralized funding platform where its community can enjoy and earn yield while investing in early-stage crypto projects, seeds, private deals, and Initial DEX Offering (IDO) rounds.

From now on, Anima owners will be able to access the platform without having to go through a complete KYC process. This is a major advantage when it comes to investments as it can give a great time advantage to anima users when accessing platforms such as SafeLaunch. It allows to avoid the uncertainty and time wasting due to the wait for the KYC process to be fulfilled. Users' access is immediately granted since their identity has been verified and certified beforehand.

Save time and get rewarded with $ANMA

Creating and sharing your Anima on the SafeLaunch platform allows users to save a lot of time, hey simply have to connect their wallet during the usual KYC process to decipher their Anima. Credentials and identity documents will be shared with SafeLaunch and their access will be instantly granted. 

If you do not have your Anima yet, you can create it directly on the SafeLaunch platform, following the process explained in this video. You can also follow this documentation step by step.

Saving time is not the only benefit of using your decentralized identity. Every user who creates or shares her/his Anima on the SafeLaunch platform will be eligible for the Anima Airdrop and will receive $ANMA when the token is launched late 2022

Enjoy your investment experience and spread the news 

With the implementation of Anima, SafeLaunch aims to continuously improve the user experience and facilitate access to investment. 

If you’ve enjoyed this new identification experiencce, you can share your referral link with your friends and communities. They will have the opportunity to create their Anima and use it on multiple platforms while regaining control over their personal identity. 

Connect to the Anima app and go on the "Mission" page to access your custom referral link.